Программы для терминалов самообслуживания
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Deploying payment acquiring software for kiosks

For a variety of projects using automated machines and kiosks with payment functions we offer integration options with processors and embedded devices for credit cards.

Option 1. Easy and flexible unattented payment solutions for self-service business.

The iUP250 + iUR250 enables EMV Chip and PIN, MagStripe transactions on kiosks while respecting security standards and improving customer interactivity. Transactions are simpler, faster and more secure.
  1. Highest Security Levels
  2. Contactless
  3. Smartcard
  4. Magstripe
  5. Highly Ruggedized
  6. User-friendly.

Option 2. Cashless payment solutions NAYAX.

Give your customers the flexibility to pay any way they choose. VPOS provides an all-in-one solution for magnetic swipe, contact, and contactless operations for unattended automated machines. A universally certified solution, VPOS utilizes the latest technology so cashless vending machine operators are able to accept all forms of payment with the added benefits of easy installation, clearance, monitoring, and management.

ПО для платежных терминалов. ПО для почтовых автоматов. Программы для автоматических камер хранения. Внедрение и установка автоматических электронных кассиров. Техническая поддержка.
Software for selfservice payment kiosks. Software for automatic lockers payment by credit card.